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Companies in Doha Qatar

Classification:  CATERERS & CATERING SUPPORT SERVICES In Qatar, Doha -

Classification Description:  Catering is the business of providing foodservice at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house (pub), or other location. Find below the list of caterers and catering support services and companies in Doha, Qatar.

Companies Retrieved:  71

Company Details

Gulf Industries
P.O. Box: 22028 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44600955


Hospitality Support Services (HSS)
P.O. Box: 55385 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44681050


Integral Food Services WLL (IFS)
P.O. Box: 23385 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44633330


Intramas WLL
P.O. Box: 3471 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44426040


Kasco Al Bateel Catering Services
P.O. Box: 17373 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44320333


La Cuisine Catering
P.O. Box: 200677 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44127774


Le Soleil Events Catering Services
P.O. Box: 24066 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44929299


Lee Top Services
P.O. Box: 60591 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44553470


Matrix Catering Services WLL
P.O. Box:  Doha, Qatar Tel: 4491 5500


Mazza Restaurant
P.O. Box: 31380 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44620077


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