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Companies in Doha Qatar

Classification:  REAL ESTATE In Qatar, Doha -

Classification Description:  Real estate includes property consisting of land and the buildings or apartments on it, along with its natural resources such as crops and minerals. There are a lot of real estate projects in Qatar currently under development. Real estate agents in Qatar play a crucial role in marketing and developments of properties in Doha. Find below the list of companies dealing in real estate and property services in Doha, Qatar.

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Gulf Builders Real Estate & Transport WLL

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A One Trading & Contracting
P.O. Box: 7120 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44410851


A Rafaa Trading & Services
P.O. Box: 18210 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44432687


Aamal Real Estate
P.O. Box: 22477 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44887836


Aban Marketing & Property Management
P.O. Box: 27272 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44082222


Abnaa Saleh Group
P.O. Box: 16700 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44444231


Acon Trading & Contracting
P.O. Box: 9806 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44620832


Adam Import Export and Real Estate Co
P.O. Box: 4689 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44366930


Adnaco International
P.O. Box: 22576 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44502937


AG Al Amer Real Estate
P.O. Box:  Doha, Qatar Tel: 44277714


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