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Companies in Doha Qatar

Classification:  ALUMINIUM FABRICATORS In Qatar, Doha -

Classification Description:  Aluminium fabrication as an industrial term refers to building aluminium structures by cutting, bending, and assembling. The cutting part of fabrication is via sawing, shearing, or chiseling or torching with handheld torches or via CNC cutters. The bending is via hammering or via press brakes and similar tools. The assembling or joining of the pieces is via welding, binding with adhesives, riveting, threaded fasteners, or even yet more bending in the form of a crimped seam. Construction companies engage aluminium fabricators in Qatar for their building and infrastructure projects. Find below the list of aluminium fabricators in Doha, Qatar.

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Qatar Meta Coats WLL

Specialized Aluminium & Steel Co (SASCO Group)

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A A Engineering Services
P.O. Box: 40541 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44600235


Abdullah Trading Aluminium and Decoration Showroom WLL
P.O. Box: 12275 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44327486


Abudheloof Modern Carpenty
P.O. Box: 22527 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44476961


Access Gulf Trading & Contracting
P.O. Box: 21445 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44690439


Agora Group WLL
P.O. Box: 31727 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44314499


Al Einkaz Trading & Industry
P.O. Box: 4259 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44601234


Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium WLL
P.O. Box: 55309 Doha, Qatar Tel: 40299680


Al Hassan Aluminium
P.O. Box: 13698 Doha, Qatar Tel: 44352699


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